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A 40 year history of toast bread manufacturing






Toast bread manufacturingan history with more than 40 years

Founded in August 1977 by Mr. António Lameiro and wife, D. Isabel Lameiro, DIATOSTA starts its industrial activity in its own facilities, in Aveiro, Center Litoral region, in Portugal.

The founding partners returned from Mozambique bringing with them experience in the bakery industry, based on the knowledge and use of the most advanced technology at the time, especially German technology, which they already used in the development of their business and industrial processes.

They shared the ambition of setting up a factory specialized in the exclusive production of toasts. They also shared a business vision without geographical barriers and accommodated commercial practices not yet routine in Portugal.


Procedure for legal registration of the Diatosta trademarkDiatosta - Trademark

The company's first life cycle involves resistance to the most diverse adversities, for the survival of the product. At the time in Portugal, consumer habits were not favorable, distribution channels were difficult and had poor territorial coverage. The country was at the beginning of the process of opening up to international markets.


Market conquestThe focus remained: specializing in the production of toasts.

The first 10 years of the company, allow to reach the million euros of turnover, paving the way towards the specialization of production. They are the first and the only company in Portugal exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of toasts and mini-toasts.

The focus remained: specializing in the production of toasts.

Cautiously and patiently, using commercial training strategies for new habits and needs with consumers, they succeed in asserting the product and, in the early 90s, move towards the factory's specialization in the production of toasts.


InternationalizationExpansion to Spain and the USA

The company's first life cycle was completed.

In view of the size of the domestic market, continuing on the path of growth presents internationalization as the only way. In 1993 the export process to the United States begins, followed by the Spanish market, where they enter in 1994.

In the second decade of life, the company had already infected the family with the "expertise" of the business; extends the family management framework, with the entry into the Administration of Mr. José Lameiro, eldest son of the founders, Mr. António Lameiro and D. Isabel Lameiro.

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