Our process


Selection of raw materials

At Diatosta we have strict criteria for the selection of raw materials. We have our own laboratories to analyze all the raw materials that arrive. Before production with these raw materials, they are all analyzed in our laboratories in order to always guarantee the quality of the final product.


Dough Production

We produce the bread dough ourselves, a unique dough and traditional recipe used for several years, especially dedicated to toasting. After weighing, all ingredients are mixed homogeneously to obtain a dough.


Placing in shapes

The dough is divided into portions that are worked on to form a pellet that is automatically placed inside the shapes.


Bread Fermentation and Baking

These pellets enter fermentation chambers with controlled time, temperature and humidity, and are then cooked.



The bread thus obtained rests in cold rooms to later be able to be sliced.


Cutting bread into slices and toasting

Each bread is sliced and goes directly into the toasting oven to obtain the delicious toast we offer you!



The last process is the packaging where we have a wide variety, from 8g to 750g.

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